Ondrej Hornas (1993*)

After graduating from Petr Rajnoha organ class at Conservatoire in Olomouc, The Czech Republic, from 2014 he continued studying at Janáček Music Academy in Brno under the tutelage of Pavel Černý. In the school year 2015/2016 within Erasmus program he studied at Institut supérieur des ARTS de Toulouse in M. Bouvard and
J. W. Jansen class. Currently he continues his studies in HAMU in Prague.

During his studies at conservatoire he represented the school at conservatoire showcases in the cities of Olomouc and Pardubice. He took part in many organ masterclasses led by famous and worldwide recognized organ players such as
O. Latry, W. Zerer, L. Mallié, J. Tůma, P. Svoboda, T. Jellema, E. Wiersinga,
M. Schmeding.

He also completed Organ academy in Sarlat in Michael and Yasuko Bouvard class.He participated in some organ competitions e.g. 2nd Jan Kucharski International Organ
Competition 2011 in Łódź, Poland, the International Organ Competition Premio Elvira Di Renna 2016 in Salerno, Italy, and Boëllmann-Gigout concours 2016 in Strasbourg, France.

He regularly plays concerts not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad (USA, Germany, Austria, France). He often works with various choirs, vocalists as well as instrumentalists.